About us

Hi, my name is Vicki and this is how Madison Paige began.

I always had a love of candles so I decided to purchase a candle-making kit.  Creating the candles gave me so much enjoyment, I then started making them for family and friends.  They all said I should sell them.

After a lot of research, watching tutorials and product testing, I started to create my own website which was launched in February 2020 (just before the first covid lockdown). 

My research included sourcing supplies from reputable companies in NZ.  There are so many different types of wax that can be emitting toxins while your candles burn.  Blended waxes can contain petroleum or paraffin based wax.  Always be aware if the label says ‘soy blend’. I chose to use only Coconut and Soy wax in my candles. It is eco friendly, vegan and has the benefits of a longer burning candle with a high scent throw, even when not lit!  My fragrances are sourced from the USA and are compliant and certified with the International Fragrance Association.  They are guaranteed to be 100% phthalate free.  Fragrance is the most expensive part in the candle making process.  If you combine the best wax, fragrance and cotton wicks, you get a longer burning and highly scented candle which is exactly what I wanted to create.

My company is named after my stillborn daughter Madison Paige. She grew her wings at 34 weeks after no heartbeat was found. My life changed that day. After giving birth to her, it was found that the cord was around her neck three times.  She was perfect in every other way and will always be remembered as our Angel daughter and sister to Ashley and Hayden.  

I donate $1 from every Heaven Scent fragranced product I sell to Babyloss NZ.  I thank Babyloss NZ for the unconditional love they give to all the families going through this loss. You create beautiful memories to be cherished forever. 

I love that my customers are now reordering my products and giving me such lovely feedback.  I guarantee my candles to perform as expected or I will replace it free of charge.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope to give you some scented enjoyment with my products one day.


🥰 👼🏻💗