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Intention candles are often gifted to someone at important moments in their life.  It's a unique gift that speaks a beautiful message.  

Each crystal has unique metaphysical properties and energies to heal different aspects of our life.  It allows us to align and connect to the same healing power.  

Choose your crystals to be added to your candle from the list below.  


Amethyst: The sweet dreams stone.  Aids sleep, healing and cleansing.  Overcomes negativity with positivity.

Aquamarine: The stone of courage, determination, strength and communication.  Aquamarine has a calming energy that can help reduce stress. Aquamarine helps support those who are overwhelmed by responsibilities making it a wonderful stone for those that suffer from anxiety. As a throat chakra stone, Aquamarine is excellent for enhancing and aiding all types of communication.

Black Onyx: Absorbs and transforms negative energy.  Helps to prevent the drain of personal energy.  Aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina.  Encourages happiness and good fortune. 

CitrineStone of happiness and abundance.  Energizing and creative.  Intuitive and overcoming of fears.

Clear QuartzHealing, harmony and clarity.  Brings balance.

FluoritePurifies, cleans and stabilizes.  Protects against stress.  Brings calmness and overcomes chaos.  Boosts concentration. 

Rose QuartzUnconditional love and peace.  Calms, purifies and attracts love.  Encourages forgiveness and trust.  Comfort for heartache and grief.

If multiple candles are purchased:

Once you have chosen your crystals, leave a note at checkout to specify which crystals are for each fragranced candle or send us an email to with your chosen crystals.

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